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EcoAstrology Consultations

EcoAstrology ConsultationsYour Birthchart is
• A map of your spiritual journey
• A blueprint of your greatest potential
• An intuitive tool for timing change

An Astrology Session
Describes your life purpose
• Outlines the best options for growth
• Provides perspective on transitions
• Identifies needs, patterns and cycles
• Reveals hidden talents or blocks
• Helps you "follow your bliss"

To schedule a session, call or email
• Your birth information (date, time, and place)
• The areas and questions you would like to discuss
• A little bit about yourself and your background, if any, with astrology (none necessary)
• Your current place of residence and phone number

Session logistics
• I will call your land line or cell phone (US or Canada), or Skype number for our session.
• Fees include my preparation time, our session time, and an MP3 recording* emailed to you.
• For new clients, I ask that a check or money order be mailed in advance, to arrive a few days before our appointment, payable to: Stephanie Austin, P. O. Box 1745, Port Townsend, WA 98368. I hold the check until we have completed our session.

Types of Sessions

My specialties are: Life Purpose, Spiritual Growth, Vocation, Relocation, and Relationship

Birthchart Session: For those who have never had an astrology reading, and anyone desiring to explore their life path and concerns in more depth. This comprehensive session provides an understanding of your life purpose, what is "up" now, and any particular areas you wish to explore. If you are new to astrology, let me know if you would like me to use astrological terms or just speak English. A personalized flower essence remedy (see below) can be included at no extra charge for in-person consultations; recommendations made for telephone sessions. (2 hours, $200)

Update Session: If you have already had an in-depth natal chart session (with me or someone else), or prefer to schedule a shorter consultation, in this session we focus on any concerns, changes or challenges you are are experiencing, and how to make the most of your current astrological cycles. Some people like to schedule a session once every year or two: others call when they are facing important transitions and desire insight, guidance, and support. A personalized flower essence remedy (see below) can be included at no extra charge for in-person consultations; recommendations made for telephone sessions. (1.5 hours, $160)

Relocation/Astrocartography: As we go through changes, we often require a different environment to support our growth. In this session we identify the primary needs indicated in your birthchart and what your current transits require for this stage of your life. I work with Astrocartography and also compare the city, state, and/or nation’s birthchart to your birth chart whenever possible. If you are considering 2 or 3 places, we can add that into a birthchart or update session for an additional $25. For more locations, add $50 to the update or birthchart session fee.

Relationship: A relationship session identifies the soul desires and needs of each person, their current growth edges, and what it would take to maintain a mutually satisfying relationship. This involves synthesizing natal charts, transits, progressions, and solar returns for both people, their inter-aspects, plus natal and progressed composite charts (12 charts in all). Chart comparisons are most often done for romantic relationships, but are also helpful for parents, other family relationships, business partners, roommates, or travel companions. For more on my approach, read Synastry and The Mirror of Relationship (click on the Articles link). Prior birth or update session with me necesary for at least one person involved in the comparison. (2 hours, $300)

Flower Essences: Just as food nourishes the body, flower essences nourish the human soul. They are gentle but powerful supports for transition times, helping to dissolve old patterns and connect more fully with our essential self. I was trained at the California Flower Essence Society and use California, Bach Flower, Desert Alchemy, and Alaskan Environmental Essences. Included in all in-person consultations; recommendations made for phone consultations.


*How emailing an MP3 recording works:
• After the session, you receive an email with a link to the session recording.
• Right click on the link to download the audio file onto your hard drive.
• You can then listen to it on your computer, iPod or any MP3 player.
• CDs of the session are available by postal mail for an additional $15.
• Due to the unpredicatability of solar flares and other telecommunications disruptions,
recordings cannot be guaranteed.


Stephanie Austin MA
P.O. Box 1745
Port Townsend, WA 98368

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