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“If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you..."               
Joseph Campbell


Everything is connected. Perhaps astrology's greatest gift is this reminder --that we are not alone, not separate, not adrift in a meaningless universe. You were born for a reason. And you are unique. No one has seen through your eyes, felt through your fingertips, lived in your skin. No one else has your combination of talents and experience. Your birth chart describes your soul intentions and your personal timetable. Understanding your individual cycles and symbols helps you remember who you really are and what you came to do.

EcoAstrology synthesizes wisdom from ancient myth and mysticism with insights from transpersonal psychology and the new physics. It provides an owners manual and roadmap for identifying and staying on your path. It outlines potentials, not predictions. It details what you came to learn, and what you came to share.  It validates what you already know in your heart and soul. 

Your journey is part of a larger future. We are in a time of great change, an evolutionary juncture described by many visionaries as the Turning Point, the Great Awakening, the Ascension. It is a time of great opportunity and great challenge. Living in a time of change is much easier when you can see the big picture, and when you have tools and support. Empowering you with spiritual perspectives, tools, and support is what EcoAstrology is all about.


Stephanie Austin is an astrological counselor, teacher, and writer with thirty-five years experience in the healing arts. She has a Master's degree in Consciousness Studies, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and is an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University. Stephanie has presented at regional and international conferences, and is a regular columnist for the Mountain Astrologer magazine. Her background includes extensive studies in holistic health, flower essences, ecopsychology, shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Leslie Temple Thurston’s four-year teacher training program, and many years of inner work. She is the author of two self-published books, EcoAstrology: Finding Our Way Home and Life After Twinkies: A Holistic Guide to Dietary Change. She has been a professional astrologer since 1986.

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