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EcoAstrology Recordings

EcoAstrology Recordings

These astrology class and workshop recordings are appropriate for both personal and professional development. Level I covers beginning to intermediate information; Level II are intermediate to advanced topics.

All recordings are 90 minutes and can be ordered individually or by courses. Individual MP3 files are $5 each. Mailing address: Box 1745, Port Townsend, WA 98368.


Level I Courses

Fundamentals of Transpersonal Astrology (6 classes; $25)
Archetypes of the Zodiac (12 classes; $55)
Psychology of the Planets (10 classes, $45)
House Interpretation (10 classes, $45)
Aspects (6 classes, $25)

Level II Courses

Transits and Progressions (9 clases, $40)
Life Transitions (11 classes, $50)
Psychology of the Birthchart (14 classes, $65)
The Astrology of Relationship (10 classes, $45)
Astrological Counseling (10 classes, $45)
Advanced Issues in Chart Interpretation (11 classes, $50)

Individual Classes and Workshops -- Level I

Introduction to Transpersonal Astrology
The 12 Signs of the Zodiac
Psychology of the Planets
Aspect Interpretation
The 12 Houses
Chart Synthesis

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Archetypes of the Zodiac:

Aries, Mars & the 1st House
Taurus, Venus & the 2nd House
Gemini, Mercury & the 3rd House
Cancer, the Moon & the 4th House
Leo, the Sun & the 5th House
Virgo, Mercury & the 6th House
Libra, Venus & the 7th House
Scorpio, Pluto & the 8th House
Sagittarius, Jupiter & the 9th House
Capricorn, Saturn & the 10th House
Aquarius, Uranus & the 11th House
Pisces, Neptune & the 12th House

The Ascendant
The Sun
The Moon
Angles of the Horoscope
New Moons/Full Moons
Chiron: The Healing Journey
The Asteroids
The Lunar Nodes

Individual Classes and Workshops -- Level II

Solar Return Interpretation
Astrological Counseling
Building Your Practice
Vocational Astrology (2 classes, $10)
The Astrology of Wealth (3 classes, $15)
The Astrology of Place (Relocation) (2 classes, $10)
Family Patterns (3 classes, $15)
The Astrology of Relationship
Medical Astrology
Life Transitions
Karmic Astrology
Chart Interpretation
The Uranus Neptune Conjunction
Yearly Forecast
Monthly Forecast
Sabian Symbols

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